BJ Penn Retires

By Antonio Cooper

Yesterday, the world of MMA was dealt a tremendous blow, as one of our most beloved fighters would officially hang-up the gloves for good. Following a 3rd round TKO loss, legendary lightweight, BJ Penn would officially call it a career inside the UFC octagon, stating.

"Dana said it was over, and I have to agree with him at this point. I'm glad I took the chance."

Penn during the fight, looked less than stellar, being taken down and battered on the feet as well. Never offering any resistance to the blitz offered from Frankie Edger, Edger would leave no doubt as to whom the victor would be by the 3rd round, grinding out the just stoppage of the former 2-division champion.

Penn finishes his career at 16-10-2 overall, a record both, fans and fighters alike will consider extremely unjust to defend Penn’s contributions and legacy to the sport of MMA. Being a champion of two divisions, and named Sports Illustrated's 10th-best MMA fighter of the 2000s, the legacy of Baby Jay Penn will undoubtedly live forever.