Gina Carano Close to Signing With UFC

By Antonio Cooper

The saga of UFC’s quest to sign legendary fighter, Gina Carano seems to be reaching its closing point, as UFC President Dana White broke news that he believes the two sides are coming to a final agreement.

Speaking at the UFC Fight Night 48 post-fight press conference. White believes it’s only a matter of time before Carano becomes a member of the UFC roster. Regarding the potential superfight between Rousey, White seems to have been changing his tune on the idea.

White said 'Yeah it's complicated, but I think we're close. I think we're close ... I don't know. I had plans, but now I don't know,' White said about a possible Ronda Rousey vs. Carano championship fight. 'We have to see how this thing plays out. Like I said, I wouldn't know more about that until September. First week of September I should have more answers.’

Carano herself hasn’t been in the octagon since her first career lost five years prior to Christine “Cyborg” Justino, instead taking her talents to the silver screen. Starring in action movies such as Blood, Fast and Furious 6 and Haywire.

With only eight fights on her MMA record, fans have been itching to see the former Strikeforce champion fight under the UFC banner once again. With only a few more discussions separating this dream to becoming a reality, we’ll be interested to seeing where the talks head from here.