Wanderlei Silva Retires

After completing one of the most storied careers perhaps in MMA history, legendary fighter, Wanderiei Silva has decided to hang up his gloves in an otherwise controversial video. Ripping both the UFC and separate fighters alike, Silva now finishes his famed career with a record of 35-12-1.
Posting the 13-minute video Friday afternoon. “The Axe Murderer” had much to say regarding the reason behind the now explosive retirement, stating.

"I am stepping down from the ring. After today, Wanderlei Silva will not fight again," he said. "My career is over. Because I don't have a stage to perform, where the athletes get the proper respect. For these reasons, I have had enough."

Known for his rabid style of striking and thorough destruction of several opponents. Silva has produced a highlight reel of victories over what many would describe as the ‘who’s who’ of MMA.

Being a former Middleweight champion during his historic run in Pride, Silva’s legacy will forever impacted the sport of MMA for all he’s contributed throughout the years.