Silva vs. Jones

By Antonio Cooper

The superfight between Jon Jones and Anderson Silva finally took place. Without the attention of the media, the noise of the crowd or the constant stress of a tiring weight-cut.

UFC President, Dana White, posted on his Instagram account the two MMA superstars engaging one another at the UFC headquarters gym.  Far from an actual fight, but according to Jon Jones, this is as close to the fight as the two will actually come.

Jones quotes “never want to fight Anderson Silva.” Jones finishes, “Silva is one of the few people I truly looked up to in this sport, I couldn’t imagine defeating or losing to him.”

With Silva spending majority of his year in rehab, Silva is currently preparing for his upcoming bout against Nick Diaz. While Jones prepares to defend his Light-Heavyweight championship against Daniel Comier, both fighters admit, a fight against one-another will perhaps never happen at this point in their career.

For now, this sparring match is all we’ll ever have.