Turf Wars III Results

By Antonio Cooper

Donofrio Entertainment held its third installment of Turf Wars, featuring 28 of the best amateur mixed martial artist from both, the United States and Canada. With 14 fights taking place in front of a crowd well over 4,000 spectators, this installment offered the patented Donofrio excitement you’ve come to expect from Donofrio and the impact Fight League.

With 14 fights on the card, neither country would end with the upper hand having seven Canadian and U.S fighters take home victories. The Turf Wars would inevitably end in a 7-7 draw concluding the true winners to be the fans by the events end.

While the Donofrio organization always delivered fireworks no matter the event. No one expected the amount of highlight reel finishes to take place inside of the historic Joe Louis Arena, as 11 nights would end in explosive finishes from both countries.

Opening with Tom Theochris (CA) (1-0) taking on Dominique Dunning (USA) (2-4), the opening match of Turf Wars opened with back and forth first round that showcased the Dead End Fight Team member getting the better of Theochris with early exchanges.  Following that it would be all Theochoris, as the Adrenaline Training Centre product would open the second round by landing a fight ending front kick, giving the Ontario native his first MMA victory and perhaps the birth of a new star.

“I felt that kick land good.” Stated Theochris, “I knew he wasn’t that good on the feet and I hit him good, I knew it was over from there.”

Following the opening victory the U.S would bounce back as Jason Milloway (6-1) (USA) would go on to defeat Jake Martin (0-1) (CA) in a string of stoppages. Having the True Fighter Fight Team product blitz Martin from the opening, forcing the quickest stoppage of the night.

The Flint prospect would go on take the first victory for the U.S but certainly not the last.

The Turf Wars was more than a representation of the fighting spirit of both countries, but just as every event put on by Donofrio Entertainment and the Impact Fight League. This event soon became a proving ground for a number of promising fighters, having nine fighters make their MMA debut.

One fighter to make the most of their MMA debut came within the later fights, as Ian Blair (1-0) (CA) took on Mahammad Adbulghani (3-2) (USA). A fight that would go in favor of “The Ginga Ninja” as Blair would showcase a one-of-a-kind jab that would damage the Detroit native all fight.
Showcasing world-class striking, the Adrenaline Traning Centre kickboxer landed a hook that would drop “Typhoon” leading to Blair’s first MMA victory.

Blair had much to say about his performance after, stating. “I’ve worked on that jab for years now and I have to thank my coaches for preparing me tonight.” “Ginja Ninja” continued. “I felt great out there, the jab sets it all up, it worked and it set it up perfectly.”

Canada would jump out to a commanding 5-2 lead, having fighters, Jake Young (14-3) and Bowe Shepley (1-0) represent their country in memorable fashion.

Beginning with Jake Young, who would perform the comeback of the night. Taking on Randall Clemons (2-3) out of Flint Town Fight Club, the Flint town native would seemingly dominate the opening stanza of the fight. Providing constant pressure, heavy shots and several submission attempts, the end seemed inevitable for Young, who would display otherwise.

While the second round began much like round one. Young would turn the tides as the Suffer System Fight Team product would land a fight changing hook, rattling Clemons in the process. What would follow next could only be described as memorable as the two warriors would engage in a crowd-charging exchange that would end with Young getting his hand raised, flooring Clemons with a hook to win the two-round war.

“I always go for the knockout, and try to make things excitement.” Said Young, who’ll certainly fight under the Donofrio banner once again.

While the final score did result in a 7-7 finish from both countries. It should go without saying that both, the co-main event along with the main-event resulted in both, a display of supreme MMA skill and grit. Providing a finish along with a decision, which was without question a rarity during the event, both fights resulted in a crowd pleasing finish, sending the arena home with a smile.

Beginning with Adrian Hadribeaj (7-0) taking on Nick Whittal (3-1). The fight never seemed even, as “The Eagle” Hadribeaj swarmed Whittal. Dominating on the feet, the Albania based fighter never allowed Whittal to gain his rhythm. Peppering Whittal with blitzing strikes, eventually forcing the referee to end the fight mid-way through the first round.

With only one fight remaining, the night would end with two undefeated warriors battling towards a grueling decision. Having Spencer Efford (7-0) (CA) battle Taylor Moore (9-1) (USA). The final battle provided a stark contrast from prior fights, having Moore pressure Efford throughout all three rounds. The Howell Michigan Native would dominate majority of round one, leaving Efford in an early deficit.

Following round one, Efford would control the tightly contested bout. Having the United Martial Arts Canada fighter pepper Moore with strikes, Moore, while attempting several takedowns, would put together a valiant effort but it would be Efford whose hand was raised in the end.

“It felt awesome, I thought I had the decision… But you never know.” Said Efford. “I watched his fights and I knew cardio wasn’t an issue for him so I worked on my cardio, I knew he’d pressure me so I worked hard on my cardio.”

With everyone going home a little happier, with Donofrio Entertainment and the Impact Fight League picking up a few more fans, along with every fighter picking up a little more experience. The third installment of Turf Wars was an experience rather than an event, as fighters, fans and the event itself succeeded in every way imaginable. Creating the perfect experience for everyone involved.  

Tom Theochris def. Dominique Dunning (Round 1- TKO)
Jason Malloway Def. Jake Martin (Round 1- TKO)
Devon Jones Def. Wohlford (Round 1- KO)
Jake Young Def. Randall Clemons (Round 2- TKO)
Rob Thomas Def. Austin Delargy (Decision)
Bowe Shipley Def. Waji Ghanes (Referee Stoppage (Submission)
Craig Arnell Def. Chris Heedo (Submission- Armbar)
Murjan Flowers Def. Matt Harvoka (Round 2- TKO
Keith Bullock Def. Kevin Thoren (Round 2- TKO)
Ian Blair Def. Adbul Ghanes (Round 1- TKO)
Marco Smallman Def. Bill Thomson (Round 2- TKO)
Labron Oldham Def. Randall Macomas (Decision)
Adrian Hadribeaj Def. Nick Whitall (Round 1- TKO)
Spencer Efford Def. Taylor Moore (Decision)