Results from Donofrio MMA’s "Brawl In The Fall"
November 2, 2013

By Antonio Cooper

Donofrio Entertainment presented the "Brawl In The Fall" a surefire fight card for both entertainment and finishes. Featuring nine title fights, only three fights would go on to reach a decision on the night, as the rest presented memorable octagon wars that will be remembered for ages.

The night began and ended in full circle, opening with a first round stoppage, while ending in the same fashion. Displaying a vast display of Mixed Martial Arts skill which captivated the fans attention from beginning to the end.

Opening with crowd-favorite heavyweights, Andrew Owen (4-3) took on Rhino Horn (3-3) in what was the start to a night of explosive fights.

The heavies didn't remain inside the octagon for long as "Unmerciful" Owen made quick work of the Crosshair MMA product. Opening with a slow start, Owen would change the landscape of the fight, landing a brutal combo, forcing the referee to stop the first of 14 stoppages throughout the night.

With over 13 fight teams participating in the event, a few teams walked away big winners, adding championship gold to their team, while others were not so lucky. Some of the biggest winners came from "Iron Fist Clan", and "MadMenMMA." Having three fighters represent "Iron Fist Clan", the fight team dominated the undercard. going 3-0 on the night, along with one of their fighter, Joe Biondo winning his debut fight with an impressive rear naked choke.

Prior to entering his first fight, Biondo was admitting to have pre-fight jitters stating, "My team has trained me pretty tough, I have a lot of moral support because their here and I just want to get the job done."

Biondo would successfully do so, enduring a shaky first round following a feel-out process, Biondo would find his groove and go on to finish his opponent, Dan Lee mid-way through the second round. Much like the rest of his teammates, he credited the idea of having moral support around. Using their success to fuel his success on the night.

While Iron Fist Clan celebrated their night with a host of victories," MadMenMMA" had much to celebrate as well, going 2-1 while adding another title to the teams hardware collection. Winning their title in spectacular fashion, Madmen's title victory involved a sequence many considered the knockout of the night as Madmen's Natalie Madej took on Carolyn Biskup (12-6-1).

Fighting for the Bantamweight Championship "MadMenMMA" fighter, Madej (3-0) would display unparalleled power, putting Biskup in trouble early with several clench strikes and submission attempts throughout the first round. Much of the same would continue for Madej, throwing a sequence of uppercuts that would soon end the fight, knocking Biskup out in spectacular fashion.

Madej displayed power throughout the entire fight, something her colleges expected from the beginning, "She's a bodybuilder turned fighter, that power is exciting " said MadMen MMA owner, Steve Gossett. Madej felt the same, not focusing on her power, but relying on her power to come along with her technique, attesting the form of her uppercut to the reason of the knockout but not her sheer power.

"I've been working on those for a while" Said Madej, she continued "I knew when I started landing those uppercuts that she was going to go out. I didn't know which one would do it, but I knew one would do it."

While each fight had its very own moment in the spotlight, the two fights to capture everyone’s attention involved the heavyweight championship between Lamar Foster (14-3) and Wes Dinan (13-6), and the Featherweight Championship between Keith Bullock (17-6) facing Austin Delargery (15-8). Both provided excellent action, much to the fans delight.

In a five-round war, Dinan put up a valiant effort against "The Abomination" Lamar Foster. Both fighters showed an improvement in their skills, with Foster showcasing cardio unseen before, and Dinan displaying a jab that would continuously find its mark throughout the night.

This was Foster's final amateur MMA fight, and he made the most of his opportunities by landing several bombs on Dinan. Foster attacked aggressively throughout each round while Dinan would answer back continuously; landing a jab that Foster simply couldn't find the answer against.

"I had a great opponent, it was a good battle, a few times I had him hurt but I felt like I held back." Said Foster, he continued "I wanted to reserve my energy and I'm glad I did that."

Foster and Dinan would create an atmosphere that many considered the fight of the night, with Foster successfully defending his Heavyweight championship within a five-round decision victory. The Hitsville MMA product said although he'll try to move on to pro-fights, this is a fight he'll never forget.

Prior to the Heavyweights swinging for the fences, fans were treated to a spectacular comeback victory, featuring Featherweights, Keith Bullock and Austin Delargery. With both fighters entering the octagon fresh off of separate victories, the story remained unclear as to who would walk away with a winning streak.

This fight featured a tale of two halves. The first half displaying the dominant wrestling of "Danger" Delargery, who smothered, pounded, threatened, covered, manhandled, and any other word you could substitute. This continued through three rounds of action, but the fight was far from over. Bullock persevered through the storm, knowing he had to finish Delargery to win.

Bullock would enter round four looking to finish, and succeeded, countering Delargery with a perfectly timed placement of a guillotine choke, forcing the tap. Bullock would attribute his victory to studying, stating, "We watched a lot of tape prior to this fight and knew he loved to wrestle, we had to study." The Detroit native would continue, "We worked on our submissions and it worked out."

With over 15 fights on the card, standing out was a task in its own. One fighter to stand out in their promotional debut was Brandon "Dark Country" Ruffin (8-1), who took on Dale Stamper (4-6) in a one sided bout which featured "Dark Country" displaying a well-versed fighting style, adaptable to all areas of MMA.

Fighting for the Welterweight championship, the Home Team MMA product opened the bout strong, stuffing a takedown and controlling the bout from the beginning. The fight would not last long as Ruffin would end the fight just as fast as things began, flooring Stamper with powerful strikes heard throughout the room, forcing the referee to end the bout immediately as things began.

After the fight Ruffin seemed humbled by his experience, stating, "I'm just happy to be here right now, I felt good going in and I'm happy things ended fast." Ruffin continued. "I felt stronger than him and that helped, just glad to get the victory right now." Thanking Donofrio MMA for the opportunity to fight, fans seemingly glamoured over Ruffin's performance.

The night would soon end just as things began, featuring another first round stoppage, this time featuring a submission instead of a TKO. Featuring Derek Martin taking on Kameron Snyder (29-15), the two lightweight contenders came out strong each looking to walk away a new champion.

Martin would take the fight to Snyder early, gaining side control following a early scramble. Martin would turn on the cruise control, latching on a textbook kimura. Between following the instructions of his corner, while attempting to not lose control of his kimura, the submission would take over two-minutes into the first round.  

Martin commented on the submission, stating, "It took longer than I expected and I was very unsure if I had it, I was getting tired but I had things locked." Martin finished, "I had to listen to my corner, they guided me through it and I got the finish."

Ending his fight and show in significant fashion, Martin ended the "Brawl In The Fall" just as it began, Martin seemed to not want it any other way.  With nine title fights on the line and eight of the belts finding new homes, the "Brawl in the Fall" was a success in more ways than expected. Producing a capacity crowd, exciting intermissions along with explosive fights. "The Brawl in the Fall" could easily be described as one of Donofrio MMA's best events.


Derek Martin def. Kameron Snyder (Referee Stoppage)
(155 Title) (Rd. 1)

Rachael Smith Def. Lauren Foley (Split Decision)

Natalie Madej def. Carolyn Biskup (Knockout) (Rd 2.)
(145 Title)

Lamar Foster def. Wes Dinan (Unanimous Decision)
(HW Title)

Jake May def. Brent McBride (TKO) (rd. 1)
(135 Title)

Katelyn Dykas def. Angie Jennings (Submission, Rear Naked Choke) (Rd. 1) (125 Title)

Keith Bullock def. Austin Delargey (Submission, Guillotine Choke) (Rd 4.) (145 Title)

Ryan King def. Jay Hall (TKO) (185 Title)

Brandon Ruffin def. Dale Stamper (TKO) (Rd 1)

Joe Biondo def. Dan Lee (Submission, Rear Naked Choke) (Rd 2)

Shafiyq Gittens def. Aurtan Daily (Submission, Armbar)
(Rd 2)

Cameron Brewer def. Derek Reyes (Submission, Rear Naked Choke) (Rd. 1)

Andrew Owen def. Rhino Hall (TKO) (Rd. 1)