5 Things We Learned from Turf Wars III

1- There has to be a rematch.

With fourteen fights on the card, although a 7-7 split is extremely fortunate. The result still feels kind of unresolved in terms of bragging rights.

A rematch needs to happen, I, the intern wants it. You, the people want it. Next year's Turf Wars has all the makings for a Donofrio instant classic.

2-Adrian Hadribeaj, Ian Blair and Jake Malloway were as skilled as they come.

While there were plenty of skilled fighters, some that put together masterful performances against their opponents in the cage. It was Adrian Hadribeaj whose awe-inspiring performance would have easily took home a performance of the night.

Picking and choosing his strikes, landing at will he seemingly had the fight won before the match began. His domination seemed effortless, his striking speed seemed blinding and by the end his future was a tad brighter than before.

Ian Blair, who graced the Donofrio banner with an opened and shut his performance, featured an astounding striking display from “Tha Ginja Ninja”. Blair finished his fight with a crisp hook that had fans wishing he came out to perform for the fight following as well.

Jake Malloway wasn’t mentioned much during the night. Jake didn’t even spend much time inside the cage. Jake’s sweat seemed to have never left his pores as Malloway had the quickest performance of the night, stepping into the cage, touching gloves, landing a single hook, going home. His 20 second performance did just enough to satisfy both, the fans and Malloway, who performed as if his favorite TV show was moments away from coming on.

A simple night for these fighters, but for the fans, these were momentous moments of dominance, crisp execution and MMA pleasantries.

3- Love and fighting can mix.

In the midst of battles between warriors, Anthony Coleman, whose fight was canceled moments before, made the most of his opportunity by proposing to his longtime girlfriend. Following an emotional yes by the young lady, Coleman singlehandedly became the lone man to walk away from Turf Wars a new champion.

Coleman was set to make his Light-Heavyweight debut, prior to making his debut his excitement was certainly building as he said “It’s a new start, tonight is a fresh start.”

Neither, Coleman or anyone in the Joe Louis Arena that night could have predicted what would transpired later.

The bigman entered the cage with his mind set on leaving the cage a married man and he did just that. Delivering a heart-felt speech regarding his disapproval of not having a fight on the night. Following then, the Detroit native would take things to the next level, dropping to one knee and making his longtime girlfriend Mrs. Coleman.

4- Canada Brings It.

Canada swarmed the U.S fighters early. They jumped out to an early 5-2 lead by TKO, Submission and everything in-between. Their tough, resilient, fast and best of all always willing to put on show for the people.

Prior to their fights we were all unsure as to what to expect from the Canadian team. Providing resiliency in the past, their early onslaught of the USA team came to the surprise and delight of the fans and USA alike.

Opening with a 2-1 start, Canada would jump into a 5-2 fight before the USA would come back with a late rally to tie things up. While the USA performed with a way we’ve become accustomed to, it was the Canadian team that truly shocked up all.

5- Donofrio and the IFL have some of the best fans in the world and we're thankful.

They cheered, rarely booed, was never disappointed and best of all came across as well educated fans. A rarity within MMA.
Once again, thank you.