Antonio Cooper MMA Column

Following UFC 167, two things were evident. One, Johnny Hendricks came out on the wrong side of a bad decision and two, something was bothering Georges St. Pierre so much that it effected his octagon performance.

Following the post-fight press conference, things would reviled themselves as it turned out GSP in-fact was soon expecting his first child. While this is a feat most men would appreciate, GSP in-fact hated the idea. While that occurred, further news established that GSP's father was also in the hospital, suffering from what could have been a fatal illness. 

While these are understandable circumstances as to why someone would suffer during their championship-performance. It turns out none of that was true, a fake, a ruse, a lie, a rumor none of which actually occurred.  TMZ caught up with the UFC- Welterweight champion to clarify these statements, GSP would provide the real reasoning behind his post-fight concerns, siting the issues he's been dealing with is the million-dollar lawsuit he's battling with his ex-manager Shari Spencer.

Having denied the previous allegations, GSP even tweeted out a photo from the beach to show that he's happy and in good-spirits, stating "Me and Johnny gave you fight of the night, forget all the rumors on vacation, happy and well!!"

Following his controversial decision over Johnny Hendricks, St. Perre would go on to request time-off before fighting Hendricks once again in a rematch, much to the displeasure of UFC President Dana White and fans alike. 

While the future remains unclear, one thing is certain is GSP remains happy.