Donofrio Returns to Joe Louis with 'TURF WARS' MMA on Saturday, April 5

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, at the famed Joe Louis Arena, Donofrio MMA, The Impact Fight League in association with Olympia Entertainment present Impact Fight League 60: "TURF WARS -- USA vs CANADA."

The third installment of USA vs CANADA, this night of full-contact MMA action will feature 15 of Canada's best fighters from fight clubs in Windsor, London, Toronto, Hamilton, Sault St Marie, Sarnia and a host of others, taking on Michigan's most fierce cage warriors.

"The pride and honor go along way with both the USA and Canada, there has also been a very respectful competitiveness between both countries" stated Joseph Donofrio, CEO of Donofrio Entertainment. "The rise to the professional level of Mixed Martial Arts in both USA and Canada begins and ends with the culmination of the time dedicated, the passion and desire to perform, the talented resourcefulness of the trainers who inspire these athletes to become a well-rounded and competitive MMA combatants driving their fighters to respect and honor in and outside the cage.

In the world of MMA, Karate, BJJ and other forms of physical combat, these young men and women learn more than how to fight. The trainers, coaches, gym owners and partners instill in their fighters that these forms of competition are much more than entering a cage for battle. They learn the true meaning of respect and honor very rarely getting compensated monetarily but by the thrill of victory and often even the effort and experience of the loss. Both trainers and athletes understand the road to the upper level of greatness comes at a great expense. Time, dedication, heart, and the degree of patience are a fraction of it takes."

Donofrio says the combatants from his side of the border are ready for the challenge.

"Team USA is ready. Well known men such as Rino Bellcastro and Ben Jumerovski, who are leaders in Mixed Marital Arts in Canada, are bringing their "A" game and Team USA knows they must do the same.

Match-ups and ticket information will be available shortly.